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This is the story about one of life’s key ingredients – bread. For thousands of years, in one form or another, it has been part of the daily lives of much of the world’s population.

Life's Key Ingredient

Episode 0123min
Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities has a long history of baking. Meet the bakers who share their stories of Greece’s rich history with bread and the innovators building a sourdough culture in this ancient city.


Episode 0223min
With one of the world’s longest recorded histories with bread, Malta has a rich history engrained in bread. We meet with the bakers using traditional techniques and practices 120 years in the making.


Episode 0323min
Berlin has it all: history, art, shopping, food, and some of the brightest talent in the baking community, with interesting artisan bakers carving their own niche in this growing market. We discover the city’s best bread and ventures to Freiberg to uncover the rich history of rye.


Episode 0423min
There are unspoken rules when visiting Paris, and an absolute non-negotiable is trialling the world-famous bread and pastries. When it comes to bread love, Parisians take it to the next level, and we uncover the baking royalty and the game changers in the emerging sourdough scene.


Episode 0523min
London’s diverse population and food influences makes it today one of the world’s leading cultural hubs at the forefront of food, arts, music and culture. Now thanks to a growing artisan baking scene, bread is stepping up for it’s close up.


Episode 0623min
In a country steeped in history and tradition, we uncover what sets apart the good from the great bread makers and understand how a special few have thrived for over 400 years.


Episode 0723min
Discover a global food capital where they take an almost academic approach to their cuisine. We meet with the bakers at forefront of artisian bread making, and no foodie trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to global dining institution Noma.


Episode 0823min
No journey into the world of baking would be complete without a visit to San Francisco, where we meet with the bakers at the forefront of the best fermented bread in the world.

San Francisco

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